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First Spring Term - Year 6


Happy New Year to you all and a warm welcome back to all of year 6. I do hope you all had a restful and peaceful Christmas! 

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2019 is going to be a busy year with school journey and ensuring that the children are well-prepared for the SATs which are nearly upon us! It's only through continued support at home and at school that the children will be able to do their best and feel more calm and less anxious about these assessments. 

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In Literacy, Year 6 will continue with Talk 4 Writing. This term, we will be looking at creating speeches that inspire and persuade and be linked to Shakespeare's Macbeth. This will include examining what makes a successful speech and the features that they have that contribute to this success. During this topic, the children will continue to work towards meeting the writing assessment criteria for the SATs. We will also continuing to study punctuation, grammar and comprehension which will be incorporated into our work.

Spellings will focus on the national curriculum statutory Yr5/6 spelling lists. We will be focussing on the spelling rules and which strategies children can use to spell tricky words. 

Please note that your child's spelling lists for the entire term are on the home learning page. Spellings are tested every Friday.

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Reading is of vital importance and every child should spend at least 15 minutes every night reading.  We would expect that all children read aloud to an adult at least twice a week.  Your child has a reading record in their school folder and we would ask that you support your child in their reading and sign their record every week – thank you.

In Numeracy, we will be building upon the arithmetic skills revision from last term. The children will be consolidating their knowledge of decimals (rounding, multiplying and dividing), fractions, percentages (percentages of amounts and equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages) and measurement (length, mass and volume including imperial).  We will then be looking at how these skills can then applied to the reasoning problems.

It is vitally important to your child if you could help by practising their times tables and a variety of mental arithmetic questions based around these subjects or encourage them to use websites such as the BBC Bitesize and of course, IXL. By helping them to know their times tables, it supports the children in making links between the different concepts of maths.

P.E. will be on Thursday. The topics are basketball and gymnastics. Basketball will be mainly outdoors so please ensure the children have the correct outdoor P.E. kit.

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In Geography this half term, we will be studying mountains and earthquakes. In particular, we will be looking at different mountain ranges from around the world by locating them in an atlas as well as how these landscapes are formed; how this process can also cause earthquakes and looking at the types of wildlife you can find living on them.

R.E. will focus on examining how religion has changed in Greenwich over the last 50 years. The children will be studying the different faiths in Greenwich and how this has evolved over time. They will also be researching the similarities and differences found in each one.

As you can see we have a great deal to fit in this half term and we would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Mr L Sutton and Mrs Ling