Christ Church C of E Primary


We are very fortunate to have an active and successful Parents and Friends Association here at Christ Church; a reflection of the strong community spirit that exists at our School.

PaFA’s main aim is to raise funds to purchase equipment needed by the School.  They also aim to support School activities by providing another pair of hands wherever possible.  Over the last years they have purchased many items of equipment from sports and playground equipment to laminators and ICT equipment (interactive whiteboards), all things that are much needed and items that would not be funded by any other source.  In addition to buying equipment, PaFA also subsidise every School trip, thus reducing the parental contribution for outings.  In this way they ensure that every child benefits directly from PaFA funds.

Most money is raised through events.  We have Christmas and Summer Fairs and an Easter ‘Eggstravaganza’ and a variety of other social events.  All the events are family orientated, but specifically with the children in mind.  Some events are not always about raising funds, but about having fun and involving parents, children and their families and friends and also the community at Christ Church.

Haver Castle 2019

Hever Castle Triathlon  - raising money for improvements to our MUGA

PaFA’s success is especially dependent on the support of parents at School and they need and welcome help in many ways.  Of course, they rely on parents to join in the events, but they also depend on help behind the scenes:  from attending committees, to making crafts, to helping tidy up – all are greatly appreciated and all directly contribute to PaFA’s success. We are very proud of our School and we like to think that PaFA plays an important role in helping maintain our small, but special community.  Every parent is a member of PaFA, and by contributing whatever they can, no matter how large or how small, every parent can do their bit. Each class normally appoints two “PaFA Reps” and these individuals are seen as the link between the PaFA Committee and parents generally.   You can also contact by email: or via your class rep