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English at Christ Church

At Christ Church, the high quality teaching of English is a key priority and we believe that teaching children not only to read and write successfully, but to enjoy the journey, is key to enable them to reach their full potential. We aim to develop a life long love of reading and writing through good quality texts that leads to a love of English literature and language. 


Writing at Christ Church

Christ Church Primary School is using The Literary Curriculum as our whole-school English strategy. 


The Literary Curriculum places good quality texts at the core of the English curriculum. It immerses children in a literary world therefore creating strong levels of engagement to provide meaningful and authentic contexts for writing. The use of high quality books offers a range of writing opportunities and a clear audience which allows children to write as authors, journalists, poets and much more. Over time, children gradually build their bank of good quality texts from picture books, novels, poems and non-fiction books.

The Literary Curriculum is a book based approach which means over time, children are exposed to a range of books that have been chosen carefully to fit within the curriculum. Books are chosen that ask more questions than give answers so that children are gripped into the book and fully engaged within the text. At the beginning of each book sequence there is an exciting and engaging hook into learning (click here for some examples). This book based approach allows a range of writing outcomes to allow a broad and balanced range of genres in writing that all children can access. Some examples of writing outcomes across the school can be seen here

At Christ Church we want to make sure that our expectations are high and that we have good progression in writing skills across the school. Through this approach children develop the skills to become fluent, creative writers with the ability to write coherently for a range of purposes and different audiences. 

Click here to view our overview of literary themes and texts

The National Curriculum Programmes of Study

By placing books at the core, we are allowing teachers to use the text as the context for the requirements of the National Curriculum. Writing opportunities are meaningful and the audience is clear. Books offer this opportunity: our final aim would be that that children have real reasons to write, whether to explain, persuade, inform or instruct and that where possible, this can be embedded within text or linked to a curriculum topic.

The programmes of study for writing at Key Stages 1 and 2 consist of

  • transcription (spelling and handwriting)
  • composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing).

Writing has a high profile at Christ Church. In order to make good progression in writing, children need to:

  • Enjoy writing and recognise its value,
  • Write with confidence, clarity and imagination,
  • Write grammatically correct sentences that are punctuated accurately,
  • Understand the features of and how to write in a range of genres and non-fiction texts,
  • Plan, draft, revise and edit their own writing,
  • Develop an adventurous and broad vocabulary,
  • Know their next steps and how they can make their writing better,
  • Develop fine motor skills to ensure consistent mark making with increasing dexterity, to produce recognisable letters, developing into a continuous cursive style of handwriting,
  • Use phonological knowledge and spelling rules to spell accurately.

Spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

There are two statutory appendices in the New Curriculum on Spelling and on Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation. Spellings are taught weekly using Literary Leaves meaning spellings are meaningful and can be used in context during the current book sequence. These spellings are sent home weekly for them to learn at home. Grammar and punctuation is taught as part of the English lesson. Grammar and Punctuation is taught through writing and reading sessions. The Literary Curriculum embeds phonics, spelling and grammar throughout their book sequences to allow children to cover the full curriculum whilst also using these skills purposefully and in context. 

Click here to view the National Curriculum Spelling Appendix Years 1-6

Click here to view the National Curriculum Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Appendix Years 1-6

Reading at Christ Church

Key Stage One

Reading in Key Stage One is closely linked to and overlaps with our phonics provision. Children have timetabled reading slots daily which allows children to enjoy reading for pleasure. Children are exposed to a range of books including banded books, non-fiction books relating to their current topic and picture books. 

Key Stage Two

Pupils are given excellent opportunities to improve their reading skills, such as inference and comprehension by talking and coming to judgements both as a class or independently, through taught sessions. As well as this, pupils also have opportunities each week to read aloud at school and are expected to take their reading journals home so that they can read to an adult.

Love Reading


But a love of books and learning at Christ Church goes beyond just learning to read and write and we would encourage the children, staff and parents to also read for pleasure at home too. We are working alongside Lovereading4schools and you can also join the website by using the following link:  

Here you will find the recommended reading spine for each year group, plus a list of books recommended by the lovereading4schools editorial experts 

The link will take you to a login page: 

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Scroll down and select For Parents 

Then,  Register Now

It will take just a few moments to sign up and find our school.

Find Christ Church C of E Primary SE18 3RS and then click on Follow

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Then search to your heart’s content for books to inspire that lifelong love of reading for your children.

If you don’t have access to a computer, let us know which list you would like and we’d be happy to print it out for you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Book Trust

The Book Trust is an excellent site with lots of tips on effective strategies to use when reading with children. They also do excellent book lists.

Click here to reach their website

Red Ted at Christ Church

                     Hi! My name is ‘Red Ted’ and I am a very special bear.

Did you know that once a month the teachers at Christ Church award me to a class member who has worked really hard to either improve their reading, read regularly and fill in the Reading Record or have taken on more challenging books.

I am given out at Family Collective Worship and it is always a very a very proud moment – so from Reception, all the way to Year 6 you have the opportunity to give me a home.

Maybe I will be coming home with you soon, so keep reading!