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Information for Parents and Carers

Welcome to Reception Class at Christ Church School. We are looking forward to seeing you all in September. Until then, this page is here to help you find the information you need to be ready for the autumn term.


For your information, below is the presentation that we talked through during the New Parents Meetings on Zoom. 


Transition booklets:

We would love to find out more about your child. Please print and fill in the transition booklet below and bring it in on your child's first day at school.
I am starting Reception!

Transition timetable:

Below are the timetables for the first four weeks. 
Transition timetable

Starting in Reception FAQs:

We know you will all have lots of questions about how school will work for your child. Below are some frequently asked questions about starting school. If you have any other questions not answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the school office or directly with the Reception class teachers on


How do I know if my child is in the morning or afternoon group at the start of term?

We can’t publish names on the website so please contact the school office or email us at if you are unsure. As a guide, if you were invited to join the New Parents Meeting 1 (Wednesday 8th July at 10am) then you are part of the morning group. If you were invited to join the New Parents Meeting 2 (Wednesday 8th July at 11am) then you are part of the afternoon group.


When do the children start full days at school and what will the timetable be?

The children will be in two groups for the first three weeks of school. Monday 28th September will be the first day all children will be in all day. At that point, the school day will begin at 8.45-8.55am (we will have a 'soft start' to avoid too many people lining up at once) and pick up time at the end of the day will be 3.15pm.

For timings during the first three weeks of term, please look at the document on this page of the website. There is a timetable for the morning group and one for the afternoon group.


Does my child need to bring a snack or a drink to school?

Yes. Due to current restrictions, the school drinking fountains are not in use so please send your child in to school with a clearly labelled bottle of water. Please also send a piece of fruit for your child to have as a playtime snack.


How can I help my child to feel ready to come in to school?

As we were unable to have a taster session and meet the children in person this year, there is a video on this page of our school website where the staff introduce themselves and the classroom to the children. There is also a booklet for you to print out and fill in which has pictures and information for the children.


What should my child bring to school?

The children will need a school book bag and a PE kit. Both bags are available from the school office.  Your child should also bring a bottle of water (labelled with their name) and a piece of fruit for playtime. PE kits don’t have to be in school from day 1 but please make sure they are labelled and in school by Monday 28th September.


What uniform should my child wear?

Please see the uniform tab of the school website ( Summer uniform is still worn until the October half term and so shorts and summer dresses are fine for September.


Will my child be able to take part in after school clubs?

In past years, there have been some clubs open to Reception age children. However, due to restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic, the autumn term for the whole school will start just with normal school hours and no clubs. The school will keep parents/carers updated as provisions for clubs change.


How can I support my child’s learning at home?

Once the children are in school and settled, we will hold a Phonics and Reading meeting where we will speak to you about how we teach phonics and reading in school and what you can do to support this at home. This meeting is usually held after school hours in the first half of the autumn term.

There will also be individual parents meetings within the first term where we will talk to you about how your child is settling in.


Who do I speak to if I have a question or concern?

At the moment, please either contact Mrs Joyce or Mrs Adkinson directly at or call the school office on 020 8856 4513. Once the new term has started, if you need to speak to one of us, let us know when you see us at the school gate and we can organise a time or call the office and they will arrange either a phone call or meeting for you.