Christ Church C of E Primary

Information for new Parents and Carers

Welcome to Reception Class at Christ Church School. We are looking forward to welcoming you all in September. Until then, this page is here to help you find the information you need to be ready for the autumn term.

For your information, below is the presentation that we talked through during the New Parents and Carers Meeting. 


New Parents/Carers Presentation


Starting in Reception FAQs:

We know you will all have lots of questions about how school will work for your child. Below are some frequently asked questions about starting school. If you have any other questions not answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the school office;


When do the children start full days at school and what will the timetable be?

Term starts for the children on Monday 5th September. For the first three days, all children will come in to school for the morning only; 8.55am until 11.45am. On the Thursday and Friday of that week, children will stay for lunch and the pick up time will be 12.45pm.

The following week, beginning Monday 12th September, the children will attend school for full days. At that point, the school day will begin at 8.55am and pick up time at the end of the day will be 3.20pm.


Does my child need to bring a snack or a drink to school?

Yes. Please send your child in to school with a clearly labelled bottle of water (no juice or squash). Children are provided with a piece of fruit each day which they have during our mid morning break. If your child would prefer to bring fruit from home then that is fine but please ensure that their snack is a piece of fruit or vegetable and any containers that come in to school are clearly labelled with your child's name.


How can I help my child to feel ready to come in to school?

We are running short introductory sessions for the children on Wednesday 6th July. You should already have received an email inviting you to come and giving you the time of your session. Please contact the office if you have not received this letter.

Your class will have a PAFA Representative (Parents and Friends Association) who will keep in touch about any 'getting to know you' gatherings over the summer. If you would like us to put you in touch with the Class Rep, let us know and we can arrange that for you. 


Do you offer home visits?

Yes. Home or nursery visits can be a good way for your child to meet their new teacher while in a setting they know well and are comfortable in. We are offering you the opportunity to have a home visit during an afternoon in the first week of term (wb. 5th September). If you are interested in receiving a home visit, please fill in a form at your child's introductory session on 6th July. 

As our time is limited, if there are a large number of children coming from one nursery setting, we may visit them there before the summer break instead, and then offer a phone call/online meeting with parents/carers if there is anything that you would like to share with us separately about your child. 


What should my child bring to school?

The children will need a school book bag - these are available from the school office. Your child should also bring a bottle of water (labelled with their name). As we begin reading with the children in class they will be given a Reading Record book which should stay in their book bag all the time.


What uniform should my child wear?

Click here to  see the up to date school uniform policy. Summer uniform is still worn until the October half term and so shorts and summer dresses are fine for September.

Once the children are settled into school, we will inform you of the week day that they will be doing PE. Children should come in to school wearing PE kit on that day.


Will my child be able to take part in after school clubs?

Our wrap around care provider is Tree Tops. They run a breakfast and after school club in the school hall. Click here for details. 

We also run a variety of extra-curricular clubs although these are limited for Reception age children. You will receive notification from the school office at the start of each term about any clubs that are available.


How can I support my child’s learning at home?

Once the children are in school and settled, we will hold a Phonics and Reading meeting where we will speak to you about how we teach phonics and reading in school and what you can do to support this at home. This meeting is usually held after school hours in the first half of the autumn term. 

There will also be individual parents/carers meetings within the first term where we will talk to you about how your child is settling in.


Who do I speak to if I have a question or concern?

Please direct any further questions to Mrs Tucker or Mrs Joyce via the school office on 020 8856 4513 / Once the new term has started, if you need to speak to one of us, let us know when you see us at the school gate and we can organise a time, or call the office and they will arrange either a phone call or meeting for you.