Christ Church C of E Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary

Home Learning - Reception Class

Homework 26th April 2019


Dear Parents

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a good break and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We have been happy to see all the children back to start the summer term.

This week we have started our new topic, Mini beasts. We have a mini beast area in the classroom where the children can observe different insects and garden creatures and write factfiles about them. We have a range of tanks in the classroom including areas for snail, slugs and spiders, a ‘wormery’, an ant farm and caterpillars. The children are welcome to bring mini beasts in to keep in our mini beast areas in the classroom, and if anybody has a pond with frog spawn in it, we would love to have some in our classroom!


We have started our new RE topic this week, which focuses on Jesus; why he is special person to Christians and how he ‘rescued’ people. Over the term we will be talking about Christians believing that Jesus is the Son of God and we will be learning various bible stories where Jesus performs miracles to help or rescue others.

To start this unit of work off effectively, we would like to help the children think about the concept of a special person. So, for homework this week, please could you provide a picture of a family member or close friend that is special to your child. Attached is a speech bubble, please could you ask your child why they think that person is special and write what they say in the bubble. There are some prompt questions on the back for you to ask if they are finding it hard to verbalise why their chosen person is special.

Please send in pictures and speech bubbles next week. If you have photo prints that you would like back, we are happy to photocopy the picture and return it to you. Thank you.

Phonics & Reading

In phonics we are revising all of the sounds we have learnt so far and in particular this half term we will focus on the digraph sounds (‘special friends’). We have been writing words containing these graphemes on white boards. For homework, please keep encouraging your child to practise writing in their home handwriting book.

After assessing the children’s progress in reading before the holidays, we have adjusted reading groups and Guided Reading will resume next week. Due to an increased number in reading groups and staff changes, most children will be reading in their groups just one a week from now on. However we will be aiming to send those children home with two books so they can progress over the week and don’t get bored.


This has been a short week and so we have only had a couple of maths sessions. We have started a focus on shape which will carry on next week. We are looking at 2D and basic 3D shapes, their properties and how to describe them. Next week, we will also be thinking about pattern and symmetry. Any work you can do at home to support knowing the basic shapes, their names and properties would be very helpful.


The children are thoroughly enjoying our new junk modelling station in our outside area but are getting through resources very quickly! Please feel free to keep sending in any small boxes, containers, tubes, yoghurt pots, bottle lids etc. so they can keep building!


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Joyce & Mrs Simpson