Christ Church C of E Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary

Home Learning - Reception Class

Homework 14th February 2020

Dear Parents

We started this week by making space rock cakes. The children enjoyed measuring the ingredients, observing the changes that happened as they mixed everything together and following steps in a recipe to make delicious cakes! We followed this by looking at recipes and talking about instructions – how they need to be in the right order, they usually have numbered steps and use bossy words to make the instruction clear. The children wrote simple instruction sentences.

In RE we talked about Jesus being a special person for Christians and how through his stories and actions He taught Christians lots about God and about the way they should live. We talked about ‘Love One Another’ being an important message and thought about how we could show others love.


This week we have revised all phonic sounds we have learnt so far and we have been practising segmenting for spelling words and phrases. Please continue to practise the phonic sounds with your child at home, as well as the tricky words. Encouraging your child to use their phonics to sound out and write words or simple sentences when they are writing is really helpful and supports what we are doing in school.


Our maths focus for the week has been measuring. The children have used different types of scales in practical tasks to explore weight and use the mathematical language for heavier and lighter. Of course we also started the week with measuring ingredients for our cakes!

Mid-year meeting

You should hopefully have received an email inviting you to our mid-year parents meeting on Wednesday 26th February. This is an opportunity to come and hear about the progress we are making in class, changes we are making to the reading material that children will bring home with them and information about the Early Learning Goals for the Foundation Stage and the expectations we have as we move into the second half of the Reception year.


This week the children had their PE session with Mrs Grabham our specialist PE teacher. They were able to use all of the large gymnastic apparatus in the hall which they thoroughly enjoyed. It is still taking some children a long time to get ready for PE or change back into their uniform after a lesson. Over half term, it would be great to use any opportunity to encourage your child to be independent in their changing.


Wishing you all an enjoyable half term break.

Mrs Joyce, Mrs Adkinson & Mrs May