Christ Church C of E Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary

Termly Report from Chair of Governors


Governors Termly Impact Report to Parents – Autumn Term 2016

As governors we have a responsibility to you as parents to ensure that we provide sufficient challenge to the schools leadership team to ensure that Christ Church continues to be a loving, stimulating and supportive/welcoming environment where everyone feels safe, secure and valued as individuals within a bigger team.

As part of our missions statement governors have undertaken to;

  • Listen to the children and take their viewpoints into account.
  • Work as a team, showing Christian values in all that they do
  • Support the children as well as each other
  • Encourage personal growth and independence rooted in relationships
  • Accommodate each individual’s special needs
  • Provide a well-planned and well-delivered curriculum which will equip the children with knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Provide a safe environment in which children will feel respected and cared for

Over the summer term we as governors have;

  1. Met once as a full Governing Body
  2. Plus, 2 Committee Meetings (Everybody on the Governing Body serves on one of the 2 main Committees which are Resources, and Learning & Achievement
  3. In addition to the above committee meetings, the following committees also met;
    1. Remuneration committee met to look at the pay policy of the school
    2. Admissions committee met to review the process for admissions for the 2017 / 2018 academic year.

In addition to our usual tasks of reviewing the leadership teams plan around the budget, health and safety and learning and achievement we looked closely at the following areas;

  1. Governors reviewed the building work that has happened and specifically the work that took place over the summer holidays. The governors had a discussion about the amount of work that has been going on and examined the leadership teams plans for further remedial work that is required.
  2. Governors were really happy to hear about the success of the cashless system that has been introduced in the school and glad to hear that the system has been so well received by parents.
  3. Governors looked at the schools plan with regard to the assessment of English and Maths. Governors were very happy to see the work that has gone in reviewing the assessment structure that was introduced last year, enhancing the key positives of the system and looking at working on some refinements. Governors also looked at the work that is going on to challenging those pupils who are already achieving well and the support that is provided to the schools lens groups.
  4. Governors discussed the impending changes to the funding formulas for schools which was to be announced by the government. This will be reviewed once more details are known in the New Year.

Andrew New - Chair of Governors